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Company Profile

Hanso Group of Companies

Hanso Physio Academy is a subsidiary of Hanso Sportscare UK Limited, which manufactures an exclusive variety of Kinesiology Tapes, Cohesive Bandages, Adhesive Bandages, Sports Tapes, and many more Physio Rehab products widely used by physiotherapists worldwide. At Hanso Physio Academy, we understand the vital role of education and skill development in physiotherapy. Our comprehensive programs and workshops aim to equip physiotherapists with the latest advancements, evidence-based techniques, and practical expertise to deliver optimal care to their patients. Our mission is to empower aspiring professionals to deliver effective and compassionate care, shaping the future of physiotherapy for the well-being of individuals and communities.


Our Mission

To empower aspiring physiotherapists with the skills, knowledge, and ethical values needed to excel in the dynamic field of healthcare. We are committed to providing top-tier education that matches only our passion for advancing the science and art of physiotherapy.

Teaching Approach

At Hanso Physio Academy, we believe in a hands-on, experiential approach to learning. Our courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical training, ensuring students have the opportunity to apply their learning in real-world scenarios. Our experienced faculty members, who are accomplished physiotherapy professionals themselves, provide personalized attention and mentorship to each student, fostering a supportive learning environment.


Our International and National Trainers are highly qualified and possess tremendous experience in the field of Physiotherapy and are dedicated to providing exceptional care and education. They continually update their knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development, ensuring that they deliver the highest standard and share their hands-on experiences.

Our Values


We strive for excellence in education, research, and practice, setting a high standard for ourselves and our students.


We embrace innovation and seek to push the boundaries of physiotherapy, always staying at the forefront of new developments.

Educate Future Experts

We aim to nurture students into highly skilled physiotherapy professionals equipped with a deep understanding of the human body, movement, and rehabilitation techniques.

Promote Evidence-Based Practice

Our goal is to introduce in our students the importance of evidence-based practice, ensuring that their interventions are grounded in the latest scientific research and advancements.

Research and Innovation

HANSO Physio Academy encourages research and innovation in the field of physiotherapy. We aim to contribute to the advancement of evidence-based practices and techniques that improve patient outcomes.

Continuous Learning

Physiotherapy is a constantly evolving field. Our aim is to foster a culture of lifelong learning among our students, encouraging them to stay updated with the latest developments in the industry.


We strive for excellence in education, research, and practice, setting a high standard for ourselves and our students.


We believe in the power of collaboration – between educators, students, practitioners, and the community – to create a holistic learning experience.

Clinical Proficiency

Our academy strives to produce physiotherapists who are proficient in assessing, diagnosing, and treating various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. We focus on hands-on training to ensure our graduates are well-prepared for real-world scenarios.

Foster Holistic Patient Care

We emphasize the importance of treating patients holistically, addressing not only physical ailments but also considering emotional, psychological, and social factors for comprehensive healing.

Ethical Practice

Integrity and ethics are fundamental to our academy's mission. We instill ethical values in our students, ensuring that they uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in their practice.

Address Diverse Needs

Our academy aims to equip students with the skills to address a wide range of health issues, including musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries, ergonomics, and more. Feel free to explore our offerings, connect with our experienced faculty, and discover the opportunities that await you.