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Hanso BBT Breathable bio mechanic Tape vs Kinesiolgy Tape

BBT Tape, when applied correctly, has the potential to offload more than 30 pounds of force, providing substantial support. In comparison, kinesiology tape is limited to offloading a mere 2 pounds of force. Although this involves some technical aspects, it’s worth understanding that BBT Tape functions as a mechanical spring, effectively slowing down motion. This […]

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Hanso Sportscare

In world of sports, where bodies strive,Hanso stands tall, to help athletes revive.With products designed for an experts hand,It caters to physiotherapists, who understand.Kinesiology tapes, a colorful array-For muscles and joints, to keep the pain away.Cohesive tapes- they stick and mend,To support the muscles, to stretch and bend.Cotton and Rayon rigid-the ones firm and strong,Tapes […]

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